The Southern States of America in 1930

In 1930, the great depression began. This was due to the Wall Street crash that caused a major economic decline. It caused half the nation to be unemployed, meaning half the nation wasn’t earning money. This made it a very hard time for them, with the suicide rate increasing heavily, along with the already high rate of discrimination, especially on women. It also caused a massive separation in social classes, as the rich were surviving without working, were as the poorer became a lot poorer.

Similarities of 1933/now

  • social and economic divide between rich and poor
  • Americans are still very racist
  • teachers only teach to the syllabus

Differences of 1933/now 

  • most people have become more accepting of race and gender equality
  • more technology, eg cars and phones
  • a more fair justice system
  • in 1930s ladies were expected to be ladies, now people aren’t supposed to hold those expectations

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