Setting notes

PLACE: The setting in “To Kill a Mockingbird” is set in the state of Alabama in the Southern states of America. The town of Maycomb is fictitious, meaning it is created by Harper Lee, however it is based off the town of ****. It is a town of poor farmers, with dirt roads and very few cars. Everybody’s doors were kept open during the day unless there was an illness in the family.


TIME: Harper Lee has set the novel in the 1930’s, during the ‘Great Depression.’ There are references to Roosevelt in the novel, and a few of his quotes have been used. The story itself is set over three years.


SOCIETY:The community in Maycomb has been poor for many years, but there is still obvious socio-economic classes within the society. The Finch’s are quite high in the social classes, in the time era, whereas people like the Cunninghams and Ewells are sitting in the bottom few. The people of Maycomb are quite religious. All the school kids go home for lunch, they’re being treated like adults. The kids also have to play with their imagination(they make up games) which shows us that they have no modern source of entertainment. Occupations: lawyers, farmers, unemployed, teacher, blacksmith, housemaid, sheriff, minister, cotton farmers(landowners)

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