Narrator Intro

Fitzgerald makes Nic seem like a very non-judgemental person, which makes him a perfect candidate to tell the story. It gives the reader a kind of guided freedom throughout the book to interpret the hidden ideas of the book their way.  Nick admits himself that he is a tolerant person but that does have a limit, if a topic that Nic feels strongly about, or against, he isn’t going to stay quiet about it. When Nic says “In consequence, I’m inclined to reserve all judgements.” and sais words such as ‘vulnerable’ ‘criticising’ and ‘advantages’ is him using emotive language. He uses this to make us feel a little sorry for himself, but they are also very mature words to be using so makes us feel as if we can judge his opinion. There is a lot of long sentences throughout this piece, which creates a lulling and rhythmic effect. It also gives the opportunity for short sentences to make an impact.



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