Close Reading Tasks

the rivers pawn.

find a quote that foreshadows (hints) that this rafting trip is not going to go perfectly. Explain your answer.

I think that there are a few statements from the narrator hinting the trip wasn’t going to go well. When they say they’re nervous and how “the sight of the wild water made (their) stomach toss,” we understand the person is not confident and believes they’re not capable of the rafting experience. The word choices like “Rapids smashing violently against the rocks,” shows us how the narrator is nervous. The reason these words make me sense the trip won’t go well is if the person shows discomfort they will be on high alert and overthinking every situation (like the rain); in this short story, the rain was a distraction to the person so when they fell out of the boat they panicked and were unsure what to do.

identify at least five different emotions that the writer feels during the experience and explain how those emotions are conveyed.


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