Chapter Summaries (plot)

Chapter one: Introduced to Scout, Jem, Atticus, Calpurnia  Dill and the Radleys. Get an Understanding of what Maycomb and its people are like. We learn a lot about the Radleys, especially Boo. Jem got dared to touch Boo’s house (“flick”).

Chapter two: scout starts school. Miss Caroline is disappointed that scout already knew how to read and told her to stop doing learning at home. Scout gets in trouble for telling miss Caroline about Walter Cunningham and why he didn’t have lunch. We learn how Atticus helped the Cunningham’s once.

Chapter three: scout beat up Walter Cunningham. Jen invites him around for dinner and scout is rude and Calpurnia tells her off. Miss Caroline freaks when she sees a cootie in little chucks hair. We learn about the Burris’s. Scout talks to Atticus about not wanting to go to school anymore.

Chapter four: scout finds gum in the tree hiding place, then coins. They roll scout in the tyre and she crashes into Radley’s place. They play the game of Boo Radley’s but Atticus catches them and they get in trouble. Someone inside the house was laughing.

Chapter five: dill and Jem exclude scout so scout meets miss Maudie. Scout gets another perspective on boo. They try Give boo a note but Atticus catches them.

Chapter six: Dills last day. The three sneak into the Radley’s backyard and try look through a broken shutter. They saw a shadow. They heard a gunshot as they were running away, Jem lost his pants cause they got stuck on the fence. Everyone saw Jem only in his boxers, but Dill covered it up saying he won them during strip poker. That night Jem went back alone to retrieve his pants.

Chapter seven: “Jem was moody and silent for a week” Jem tells Scout how his pants had been sewed up (badly) and folded back on the fence, ready for him as if they were expecting him. In the treehole hiding place they found grey twine, and two figurines carved in soap of a boy and girl (scout and jem), chewing gum, and medal for a local spelling comp, a pocket watch. The two decide they want to write a letter to whoever’s leaving everything, but when they go to leave it, they discover the holes been filled in the concrete by Mr radley because the tree was ‘dying’.

Chapter eight: Mrs Radley died. Jem and Scout saw snow for the first time, made a snowman with the little snow they had. Miss Maudie’s house caught on fire and Boo Radley put a blanket around Scout when her and Jem were waiting outside his house; they didn’t notice because they were watching the fire. Jem told Atticus all about the tree etc.

Chapter nine: Cecil Jacobs told the school that Atticus was a niggerlover. We first hear about the case of Tom Robinson. Scout walked away from a fight and was called a coward (big for her to do). They had to have christmas with their family they didn’t like and Scout kept swearing (trying to get out of school). The two got air rifles for christmas. Scout gets in a fight with francis resulting in them having to leave (francis called atticus a nigger lover etc). Atticus says lots of stuff about his case and Scout that he wanted her to overhear.

Chapter ten: We learn a lot about Atticus. Killing a MockingBird is first mentioned/explained by Miss Maudie. Tim Johnstone the dog went crazy and the sheriff came and got atticus to shoot it and the kids were so shocked. We and they learn he used to be known for his accurate shooting and the two kids couldn’t believe it.

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